Teem Up when you can't meet up

Let's run together, wherever you are

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Who is it for?

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Struggling for motivation when running by yourself? 

Taking part in a virtual race but feels just like another training run?


Then why not invite your friends to race against you! A


Teem Up race brings the atmosphere of running in a race with real-time commentary and cheering squard. More importantly, you'll earn your virtual medal and bragging rights against your racing friends!

Running Clubs/Coaches

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Sometimes, life gets in the way and it is not always possible for all club members to meet up to run a race together. But fear not, host your race on Teem Up and everyone can take part no matter where they are!

For virtual coaches, you can host races for the runners you are coaching and provide them with real-time voice or text feedback on their progress.

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Race Directors

Why limit your races to local events when you can reach a global audience with minimal efforts? 

You can organise dedicated virtual races or have it running (pardon the pun) in parallel with your live events, this way more runners can experience the magic of your race events.

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Let the Teem Up platform take the strain of organising a running event and reach a truly global audience with minimal costs and overheads, which means more money raised and more time can be dedicated to the good causes.

Single and multi-day challenge events are now becoming more and more popular for the adventurous fundraising individuals, and our platform can be used to encourage more runners to race along/against the fundraiser. #comeracewithme

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Corporate wellbeing

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As the saying goes, healthy body, healthy mind! 

How do you keep your employees active and engaged especially when your team is distributed in multiple locations?

Our corporate package is the perfect solution. We can organise a single or series of running events for all your employees with training tips and live race commentary to encourage everyone to take part.

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What is it all about?


Join a real-time race from anywhere

All you need is your smart phone, and you can be racing with hundreds of other runners from all over the world. 

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Create your own races and challenge your friends, colleagues & club members

Teem Up lets you easily and instantly create a race to share and challenge others. You set the date, time, distance & terrain & we'll bring the cheer squad!

We bring the hype

Don't miss out on those race day extras. Teem Up brings you all of the commentary, countdowns, tunes, shout outs & many more notifications - everything you ever need to get you over the finish line!  

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How does it work?

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1. Follow

Once you've signed up, find and invite friends, colleagues and club members. You can then see what races they've created, and follow and support them in their up and coming events.

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2. Create Races

It's so simple to set up your own race. You set the date, time, distance, terrain and then you're good to go! All you need to do is invite your friends to your event too.

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3. Join Races

As well as accepting invites to races from your friends - you'll be able to enter larger events from well know race organisers

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4. Race

On race day, Teem Up will hype you up and get you ready to run! With real time stats announced as you run, as well as shout outs & tunes - you'll start to think you're at a physical event! 


What do I need to race?

Simply download the App to your smartphone and follow the instructions on screen. You will need your phone with you when you race so make sure you charge it up beforehand, have mobile data available, and somewhere safe to stow the phone away when you are running.

Do I need headphones to take part in the race?

You don't have to have headphones to take part but it will certainly enhance your experience! We would recommend using bone conducting headphones or just use one headphone so you are aware of your surroundings. Make sure to read our safety guidelines for more recommendations.

I have created or joined a race, what do I do next?

We will be sending your race instructions so look out for it in your email inbox. On the day of the race, our app will remind you 15 minutes before the race starts, all you need to do is open the app when prompted, follow the onscreen instructions, wait for the countdown and off you go racing!

Can I delay the start or pause the race?

Sorry - no, unlike your training run, a Teem Up race is treated like any other races. So make sure you're ready to go when the clock ticks down to zero!

Why did my race suddenlystopped updating ?

One reason for this could be because your phone has gone into power saving mode to conserve power, which will cause your to stop retrieving GPS data and terminate any communication to the server. So make sure you charge up your phone fully before you race!

Why is my race time different to the time on my smart watch or other fitness Apps?

Teem Up relies on the GPS signal on your smartphone to track your real-time location, which can have slightly different readings compared to other fitness devices which uses a different GPS chip. But it doesn't necessarily mean it's less accurate, your race will be comparable to others who uses the same algorithm to calculate your race progress and result.

When I race, does it take into account the elevation?

At the moment, the elevation is not taken into account but this is a feature that we are actively looking into developing in the near future.

Will it work with other running apps such as RunKeeper, Strava, Nike?

Using your smartwatches such as Garmin and Fitbit is fully compatible with using Teem Up app on your phone. We have been testing our app with other fitness apps and whilst we have not found any issues with it, we can't guarantee that it would work with other apps. Please let us know if you do run into any issues though.