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The concept of Teem Up was born in Spring 2020 - or also known as Lockdown 1.0 here in the UK. During this time, races were cancelled up and down the country and everyone was ordered to stay home to save lives, with the exception that we were allowed to take part in one outdoor activity once a day on our own. 

As the pandemic took hold, the organised events that I had meticulously planned for and entered was either postponed or cancelled until further notice. Some races offered virtual races as alternative but when I 'raced', it simply felt like another training run - there is just something special about racing along with other runners; the buzz and excitement of lining up on the start line, then comes the jostling of position amongst other runners, and finally the feeling of euphoria and elation as you cross the finish line, and the sense of achievement when you are being handed the race bling and goodie bag. And of course, you also get to share your story with fellow runners after you have caught your breath, and promising never to run again... until the next race at least...


And this is what Teem Up is all about - to capture the essence of a mass participation event but doing so in your own space and time, while sharing the experience with other runners anywhere in the world. 

Ambrose Choy - Founder of Teem Up

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