June the 1st is Global Running Day and at teem up we simply couldn’t let this day pass us by without marking it with a FREE VIRTUAL RACE open to all runners – wherever you are!

So put on your running shoes and join us and hundreds of other runners for the global running event.

Race registration is completely free and simple to do, download the teem up app from the AppStore or Google Play, register for our Global Running Day race and let our app guide you through the rest.

See you on the start line!

The 5K Summer Series is back and bigger than ever!

With more runners to compete against, brand new app features and live leader board commentary it’s not to be missed!

Whether you’re a competitive runner or just enjoy the social side to running the 5K Summer Series is a great way to ‘meet’ other like-minded runners as you take on the monthly 5K virtual race.

The mid-week races are a great way to inject a bit of excitement into your weekday runs. As the Summer Series is a virtual race, you can join us from anywhere!

You pick the route, we’ll bring the race.

Each race will be commentated on by professional athlete and The Sunday Plodcast host, Matt Seddon to add to the ‘real’ race experience.

Runners will be notified of their position throughout the 5K race, so you’ll know how far in front of or behind you are to the next runner.

“I definitely performed better knowing someone else was on my tail”

– Richard, Teem Up Summer Series 2021 runner

We hope to see you on the start line for our summer series.

The first race will commence on 6th July @ 6PM BST

Followed by:

27th July @ 6PM BST

31st August @ 6PM BST

The teem up virtual racing app is free to download from the AppStore or Google Play Store. Simply download the app and register for our summer series for free.

Just how important is your core strength when it comes to running? The short answer, very!

Here’s why, building on your core strength will help you with stability and balance giving you a solid base for your legs to push against when you run. A solid core is crucial for running, in addition to providing you with stability it will control and co-ordinate the movements of your arms and legs, giving you greater ability to balance thus enabling runners to recover from little mishaps, trips and slips - helping you avoid injuries.

Many runners ask what they can do to build stamina and endurance - particularly if they are training for a race, marathon or ultra. The answer is always the same, work on your core strength! As runners we need the core muscles to remain strong and work well for extended periods, a strong core will also help you retain a good posture when running long distance, enabling your chest cavity to fully open so you’ll be able to breathe better.

So, in short whether you’re starting out, training for a race or a seasoned runner - strengthening your core will undoubtedly improve your performance, health and running ability.

Follow the link below for our core strength exercise plan.

Teem Up - Core Exercise Plan 2022
Download PDF • 4.27MB