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As the winter months are now upon us, we must bid a sad farewell to our twilight runs.

It's been great fun, full of PB's and plenty of good-natured, healthy competition! The live race commentary provided by our very own Matt Seddon, really helped to motivate all of the virtual runners taking part and a great time was had by all.

Thanks to all the runners who participated in the monthly events.

We're now busy planning our nest Teem Up community event, so stay tuned!

As ever, suggestions are always welcome from all of our Teem Uppers, so don't hesitate to drop us an email.

As runners, it doesn’t take much to ignite our competitive streak. We’ve all felt that twinge of annoyance when another runner beats you at your favourite segment on Strava and we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to checking out our running peers weekly mileage.

So, the brainboxes at Teem Up had a revolutionary idea, what if there was an app where runners could, for want of a better phrase, stalk, support and compete in friendly virtual races?!

The concept of Teem Up is simple, designed as a social running app where runners can engage and compete. Yet, our underlying message has always been one of motivation and encouragement, because whether you’re a beginner, elite or fit somewhere in between - Teem Up is a great way to take your running to the next level.

Those familiar with the platform will know that you can create your own races or join other runners on theirs, whether you’re in the same town or miles apart. A live leader board will keep you up to date on your progress as you compete.

Many Teem Up users have stated that by using Teem Up and competing with others, it adds on a new level of excitement to their runs with many claiming that they’ve produced better times and pushed harder all because they knew someone was on their tail.

Our monthly race series kicks things up a level by including live race commentary, this really does change the experience and includes all the anticipation and excitement of a real race – but the best bit is, you can run from wherever you are! Trail, fell or road the possibilities are endless, it’s about enjoying yourself, getting motivated and ‘meeting’ other like-minded runners.

Our app is free to download on the App Store or Google Play, registration and racing is completely free, get involved and Teem Up with us today.

Let’s run together!

The first of our 5K Summer Series events got off to a flying start with runners of all levels competing in the first of the series live and interactive race. Race participants got to experience the thrill and excitement of a real race all via the Teem Up social running platform.

The race was enhanced with live commentary provided by Matt Seddon, national athlete and founder of The Sunday Plodcast. Matt, an experienced runner himself, gave the runners a boost of motivation - regularly calling out race stats and providing runners with a live leaderboard – which certainly spurred many of the runners on and secured several a PB!

After the race, winner Banksy reflected, “There was a reason I ran well, it felt like a proper race and thanks to the commentary, I knew I had people on my tail.”

At a time when runners haven’t been able to participate in regular races the Teem Up 5K Summer Series provides a shot of motivation that so many runners need right now. Feedback from the race has been fantastic with other runners such as Paul, from Southend-On-Sea commenting “The race was good with encouragement throughout, this definitely pushed me harder than I would have done and the experience was great.”

The 5K Summer Series runs every Wednesday throughout July. We welcome runners of all levels and abilities to take part. You can find all the details below on how to download the app and get involved in our 2nd race of the series.

When you can’t meet up, Teem Up!

You can download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play

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