Big Thanks

Teem Up has very much been a team effort from day one, and it would not have been possible without the help and generous contributions of these talented individuals, so here's a few shout outs to them. 

Hug thanks to:

Rob for designing the stunning logo, and various animation that you can see throughout the website and app.

Kim and Sally from @somewhereoffgrid for the UI/UX design of the mobile apps and website.

Phil and Callum, our mobile devs for their continuous efforts to produce top notch apps, despite the never-ending feature requests and spec creep! 

Our ambassador Scott for rounding up most of the runners in south-east of England to try out the app.

Our resident race commentator Matt, for wearing multiple hats and agreeing to DJ as well as commentating on our future Teem Up races.


And finally, to all of you beta-tester and early adopters, it means a lot for you to download our App and believing in us. We are delighted to have you onboard with us on this exciting journey, watch this space, there is much more to come.


Happy running,