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You will never regret going for a run. Like most runners however fast or slow I am addicted to lacing up my shoes and getting out the door. We all have our different reasons for starting, but we all keep going for the same reason, the community we become apart of it makes us accountable and keeps us on that conveyor belt of getting out the door every day. That is why I so passionately represent Teem Up. Having healthy competition within a community will bring so much more enjoyment out of your running and keep you moving towards your goals. 


Having been involved in the sport for 15+ years competing on a national level it was during this time I realised I also wanted others to find purpose in the sport as I do. I found my dream role in commentary, relaying how races would unfold live on national championships with huge enthusiasm knowing some of these athletes would be Britains next best hero’s. 

I co-founded The Sunday Plodcast, a podcast which aims to give powerful insights into the elite world of running in order to showcase to the running community, the power and excitement of distance running. We share stories with a huge range of athletes and coaches from past London Marathon champions to 1500m European medallists. 


Teem up was founded on the premise of sharing a run with another runner from any corner of the world, and allows you to unlock your racing potential in doing so. Whether it be reconnecting with old friends or being part of that big race you can never gain entry to, Teem Up will provide you with the same buzz of race day and give you that Personal Best feeling. 

So let me leave this with you.. 


“There is a formula: 100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the whole Team. And that’s teamwork”. Eluid Kipchoge - Marathon World Record Holder.


Matt Seddon - Teem Up Ambassador and Commentator

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