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How to Connect and Engage with Colleagues Remotely

It’s safe to say that the events of the past year caught us all off guard. Businesses had to adapt at record pace to facilitate working from home, with the majority resorting to online methods to keep in touch with their employees.

The pandemic has undoubtedly re-shaped the way we do business. Many businesses and large corporations are now seeing the value in allowing employees to work from home with hybrid working looking set to become the new normal. But what can businesses do to maintain a close connection with their employees? Does remote working have to mean disconnection?

With zoom quiz nights on the decline and face to face meetings few and far between, what options are there for business leaders to connect, motivate and promote workplace wellbeing to their employees?

Truthfully, there probably aren’t many activities that wouldn’t be met with a seen it all before unenthused look.

That’s where Teem Up can help, we’ve launched our corporate race packages aimed at bringing colleagues from all over the world together for a virtual race. The race can be any length 5K, 10K, 20k… and participants can walk, run or cycle the event! We want all participants to feel included, motivated and most importantly, connected.

The events can be hosted at a time to suit you, midweek, Friday lunchtime or at the weekend so that families can get involved too. You can also add live race commentary to your package to kick up the level of excitement and drum up some healthy competition!

It all about coming together when you can’t actually be together, the events are fun, engaging and a great way to promote workplace wellbeing.

If you would like more information on our Teem Up corporate racing, please click here or watch the short video below.

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