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Race Review - 5k Summer Series

The first of our 5K Summer Series events got off to a flying start with runners of all levels competing in the first of the series live and interactive race. Race participants got to experience the thrill and excitement of a real race all via the Teem Up social running platform.

The race was enhanced with live commentary provided by Matt Seddon, national athlete and founder of The Sunday Plodcast. Matt, an experienced runner himself, gave the runners a boost of motivation - regularly calling out race stats and providing runners with a live leaderboard – which certainly spurred many of the runners on and secured several a PB!

After the race, winner Banksy reflected, “There was a reason I ran well, it felt like a proper race and thanks to the commentary, I knew I had people on my tail.”

At a time when runners haven’t been able to participate in regular races the Teem Up 5K Summer Series provides a shot of motivation that so many runners need right now. Feedback from the race has been fantastic with other runners such as Paul, from Southend-On-Sea commenting “The race was good with encouragement throughout, this definitely pushed me harder than I would have done and the experience was great.”

The 5K Summer Series runs every Wednesday throughout July. We welcome runners of all levels and abilities to take part. You can find all the details below on how to download the app and get involved in our 2nd race of the series.

When you can’t meet up, Teem Up!

You can download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play

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