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I’m father to two girls, an avid runner and wannabe cricketer. In my day job, I’m an IoT Technology Director so new and advancing technologies excite me, which is how my involvement in Teem Up started. This project combines two of my biggest passions; running and technology - so for me, it was a good fit.


My running journey started around 10 years’ ago, when my fairly unflattering career as an amateur footballer came to an end and reluctantly, I had to hang up my boots for good. I started entering short 5k races, quickly building to half marathons and eventually full marathons. The 2021 London Marathon will be my 11th- and probably my last if my partner has anything to do with it! Running has quite literally taken me to parts of the world I never thought I’d go to, let alone run in. For me, running through the artic circle under the canopy of the Northern Lights was something I’ll never forget and by far one of my most memorable running moments to date. 

When I started running, I didn’t realise the opportunities it would lead me to and also how quickly my social-life would expand once I started engaging with other like-minded runners. I’ve been involved with parkrun from very early on, I helped to launch the Southend parkrun many years ago and became a Run Director. I also sit on the board of a charity called the Finish Line Fund which was set up in memory of one of my good friends Nick Palmer. The charity was set up to provide support to individuals and families who have been affected by serious injury or death whilst participating in sporting activities in East Essex.


Running, I hope will be part of my life for many years to come, not only is it a great mental focus for me, but it also gives me the legs quite literally to escape my family in lockdown! It was that or more beer!

Scotty Brenton - Teem Up Ambassador and Trailblazer

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